Self Study Courses (Monthly)

These courses are structured to allow for maximum flexibility while still ensuring learning of the major objectives and access to a knowledgeable instructor.  This is a self-study course with optional synchronous video meetings. Students will have 1 month to complete the required material. The required material will include watching recorded video lectures of the entire FSPCA curriculum, completing three assignments that are modeled after the FSPCA chapter exercises, and a post-test that covers the major learning objectives covered in the course. Completion of all of these aspects is required to earn a certificate of completion for the course. Additionally, students will have direct access to the instructor in optional weekly Q and A sessions throughout the duration of the course. Students will receive feedback on their assignments from the instructor. 

Same PCQI certificate as the in-person class.                   ​Classes offered by LTSmith Consulting                                $650 and no Travel

Animal Food Safety Offerings for 2020 - 2021

Animal Food Class Registration:

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Course Descriptions:
We Keep our class sizes small (max 24 students) and our course locations friendly and fun. Feel free to come in a day early or stay a day late. We'll exercise your brain in between. Each course will be taught by a food safety preventive control alliance lead instructor(s).
         Animal Food Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI):

This is the standardized curriculum recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration for training an individual qualified to oversee the safe manufacture of animal food required under FSMA (PCQI).

  $850 per student, includes FSPCA certificate fee, snacks and breaks.

Learn how to write and update an animal food safety plan.

          The PCQI course runs 2.5 days. Upon completion participants will receive a certificate from the Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance signed by AAFCO. You must be present the entire 20 hours to receive a certificate.

Two of our instructors have over 30 years of feed experience. They were involved in commenting on the FSMA rules as they were proposed. Come learn from the folks that understand the rules and the fastest way to help you get compliant and grow your food safety culture.

 Course Agenda Animal Food (2.5 day format)
Day  1 (8-5)

Introductions, logistics
Chapter 1: Regulatory Overview and Introduction to the Rule
Chapter 2: Current Good Manufacturing Practice

Chapter 10: Recall Plan

Chapter 3: Animal Food Safety Hazards

                                                                                                    Day 2 (8-5)
Chapter 4: Overview of the Food Safety Plan
Chapter 5: Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls Determination
Chapter 6: Required Preventive Control Management Components
Chapter 7: Process Preventive Controls

                                                                                                     Day 3 (end 1PM)
Chapter 8: Sanitation Controls
Chapter 9: Supply-Chain-Applied Controls




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Building Your Food Safety Culture

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FSPCA Feed Preventive Controls Training

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Same certificate as the in-person class
Five half-day sessions over 2 weeks.
  $800 & no travel costs
The FDA standardized curriculum in a robust,
​collaborative online classroom environment.

​Classes offered by LTSmith Consulting