Building Your Food Safety Culture

New to FSMA?

There are a few basic steps that will get you heading in the right direction.

1.) Figure out your GMP compliance date. If your company has over $2.5 million in animal feed sales per year you are under the new GMP's by September 2017. Under $2.5 million you have until September 2018.

2.) A year after you start GMP's you have to have a hazard analysis and a food safety plan. The FSPCA (Food Safety Preventive Control) alliance classes will teach you how to do this.  We teach these classes all over the U.S.. You can go to a public class or hold a class just for your firm.  We also travel internationally.

3. There are lots of tools to help you implement the GMP's and train your employees about FSMA. - see our templates or arrange for a GMP educational audit of your facility. - We do these.

This is the VERY simplified steps that represent a ton of work.

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Animal Food Safety Culture Building                                                                                     with Feed Preventive Controls Training Animal Food Fsma Implementation