Building Your Food Safety Culture


​FSPCA Provided Materials

The Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance developed the instructional materials for the Animal Food and Human Food courses. These courses allow you to become a Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI) under FSMA. For industry you can also become a PCQI by virtue of your experience or other similar instruction.  The materials here have been reviewed by FDA and make up the standardized curriculum they expect to be delivered in a FSPCA course conducted by a FSPCA Lead Instructor.

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Buy Templates for Animal Food cGMP & PC

We have partnered with Soterian Systems to save you time developing your FSMA GMPs and Food Safety Preventive Control Plan.  Soterian offers a Template Toolkit that follows the FSMA regulations, helping companies fast track writing the programs required by FSMA.  The templates also merge HACCP Plans with the FSMA Food Safety Plan Preventive Control to help manage one program.  In addition to the Template Toolkit, Soterian also offers a comprehensive cGMP Gap Analysis Tool that allows the user to compare the current company programs against the required FSMA regulations.  Using both tools allows the company user to develop a comprehensive FSMA complaint food safety management program.

Use the coupon code "FEEDPC495" when purchasing the Template Toolkit and Gap Analysis Spreadsheet together and receive $495 off of your total order.